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Embedded systems requirements implies to choose the best platform according to the compromises of your project. From the ultra-low power MCU to multi-core processor, from energy harvesting powered IOT sensor to wired high-speed modem, each case has its own particular solution.


High speed, massive parallelization, low latency, hardware acceleration... So many situations for which the implementation of an FPGA in your project can be relevant, and we can help you !

RF & microwaves

Adrelys team has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of radar and digital telecommunications, with skills ranging from VLF to V-band (60GHz).



A proper design is a design where the boundary between analog and digital is carefully chosen. There is no such thing as "all-digital", and the greatest care must be given to the analog front-end of your project: ultra-low noise, high linearity, group delay, dynamic range... Those topics are the keys to success !

RF power

From milliwatts to kilowatts, and from a few MHz to several tens of gigahertz, our expertise in power amplifiers can fit your application : ultrasound, intercontinental communications, plasma sources, digital broadcasting...

Space communications

Adrelys has a strong expertise in the field of space telecommunications : development of Software Defined Radio based ground segment on VHF, UHF and S-band, for geostationary orbit or LEO (including orbit tracking), development of high resilience telemetry boards for cubesats (space segment), development of custom demodulators with high in-frame frequency drift tolerance (misssion rescue).

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Our facilities

Adrelys has a large array of research and development equipments (10kW RF load, spectral analysis up to 26GHz, thermal cabinet, data acquisition system...) but also advanced prototyping tools for electronics and mechanics (3D SLA printing, milling, turning, engraving and laser cutting...).

Of course, we have a wide set of SDR platforms, evaluation kits, simulation software, etc., but our strategy is to invest as early as possible in the most relevant tools to carry out your project.

All these resources are "in house", in our offices in Nanterre, near Paris (France).


We have long-term relationships with various partners for specific technical fields : design of complex custom antennas, EMC measurements, design of ultra-low-power platforms...

Our diversified network of industrial partners allows us to suggest the right contacts at the right time to guarantee the success of your projects.

Who are we ?

Adrelys is a young consulting and expertise agency in signal processing and telecommunications. Founded in 2020 by Yannick Avelino, it offers its services to start-ups, SMEs as well as to major companies.

With more than 15 years of recognised expertise and a daily commitment, our team has the unique ability to handle our customers' projects and thus develop a strong relationship of proximity and co-construction.